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July 2016 Newsletter

Newsletter: July 2016 Edition On Sale! En Premiere Winery Series Formally known as En Premiere and Cellar Classic Winery Series. 8 Week Kits with 18L of Juice Concentrate 15% Off Take-Home OR $20 Off Craft On-Premise (Includes Shrinks and Labels) On Sale from August 2 – 8 2016 Half Batches! Some of you have asked. And […]

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April 2016 Edition Newsletter

April 2016 Edition On Sale! Grand Cru International Our Most Popular 5-Week Wine Brand! 15% Off Take-Home OR $10 Off On-Premise (Includes Shrinks and Labels) Sale ends April 30 2016 FUN Fact Did you know that there are people who are afraid of or have a dislike for wine? They are called oenophobics. We pity […]