D Repol

Welcome to our Wholesale Division

Wine Bottles

D. Repol Enterprises Inc. has over 25 different shapes and sizes of wine bottles to satisfy any retail operation.

Wine Corks

D. Repol Enterprises Inc. has many kinds of corks to suit your needs. Our largest sellers are the agglomerate cork which are pieces of cork put together with a resin. These corks are ideal for short term storage but are not recommended for long term storage of wine. We also have two other grades of corks in stock in 1 1/2 and 1 3/4 inch lengths.

Wine Labels

D. Repol Enterprises Inc. has the largest selection of labels for the home wine maker bar none. We have over 300 different designs. This includes simple two colour, or four colour front, back, and neck labels. All our labels are pre gummed for easy application and a short soak in warm water they come off without scrapping. Prices vary depending on size and amount of colours and there are discounts for volume.

Bottle Shrinks

D. Repol Enterprises Inc. is Canada’s largest supplier of shrink capsules for the home wine maker. With over 60 colours to choose from, you can be assured that you will get the colour that you ordered. Contact us for a sample of colours.